SIGGRAPH 2013 – Dailies

My Squid Rig for deep dance was accepted for SIGGRAPH 2013 Dailies and is part of the Preview Trailer:

Animator Friendy Simulation: Rigging for Deep Dance

Rigs that give animators the ability to use simulation at the beginning of the animation process and continue working on the result as if it had been animated by hand.

Here is my recorded talk:

In this student work, Georg Schneider from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg shares how his procedural rigs simplified the animation process in “Deep Dance”, making it easier to create the eerie but beautiful underwater animation.

The video shows the rig of the squid for the short Deep Dance.
Procedural and dynamic animation for the fins and tentacles – the result is plotted and copied to the Control Objects – the FCurves are simplfied – the animator can continue working on the animation like if he had done the animation by hand (just Keyframe-Animation after plotting).